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Line Voltage Thermostats Control Heating Equipment

Line Voltage Thermostats Control Heat Source

Line voltage thermostats are commonly found in industrial, agricultural and commercial settings to monitor air temperature. The thermostats are either hard wired directly, or use a piggyback plug, to a heat source.  When air temperature falls within an environment the line voltage thermostat coil senses the temperature change triggers the thermostat to operate a heater eliminating freeze temperatures. As the air temperature rises during heater operation, the thermostat returns back to normal state shutting the heater down again until temperature falls.

For the most accurate temperature reading, it’s best to mount the thermostat 5-6 feet above the floor so it will be exposed to the average temperature of the controlled space. Do not mount the control where it could be affected by unusual heat or cold such as in sunlight, near an entry way or outside wall.

Tempro thermostats are available with an extended bulb to sense a remote location, such as the outside air temperature, where the control is located in a safe operating environment.

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Tempro Line Voltage Thermostat Products

TP 501 two stage thermostat

Tempro line voltage thermostats are available in a variety of styles for different applications with temperature range options from -30°F to 120°F.

  • UL Listed
  • Single or Two Stage Thermostats (SPDT/SPDT)
  • Steel, Polymeric, Stainless or Polycarbonate
  • NEMA 1 & NEMA 4X
  • Up to 22 Amps 120V/ 240V/ 277V AC

For more information about the Tempro line voltage thermostat products, click here!

View line voltage thermostats product detail

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