Common Applications

Tempro Products are found in a variety of applications used world wide. Choose a category below to learn more.


Tempro Line Voltage Thermostats are used for industrial applications to control & monitor temperature in various systems & equipment. These thermostats are specifically designed to handle higher voltage levels typically found in industrial environments, making them suitable for heavy-duty & high-power applications.


Tempro Line Voltage Thermostats are essential components used in Commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) applications to control & monitor temperature in various systems. These devices are designed to work with line voltage systems, which typically operate at higher voltages, such as 120V or 240V.


Tempro Line Voltage Thermostats are commonly used in agricultural applications to control heating or cooling equipment to maintain specific temperatures within a designated space. These thermostats are designed to handle higher voltages typically found in agricultural settings.

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