Line Voltage ThermostatsWhen getting ready to purchase a thermostat, it is important that you make sure that it is going to help with the specific application you need it for. There are different types that cover different abilities, so it’s important to make sure to look at what it is capable of. Without proper research, you could end up with a great thermostat, but not the best for your application. Two overarching types, for example, are the low voltage thermostat and the line voltage thermostat. Both of these thermostat types have similarities, so it’s good to know where the differences lie.

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For both low voltage thermostats and line voltage thermostats, they are both used for controlling heating/cooling systems. For line voltage thermostats, they are commonly used for radiant, convection, or resistance heaters that are powered by electricity. In comparison, low voltage thermostats are commonly used with central heating systems.  A line voltage thermostat uses direct current, 120 or 240 volts, rather than the usual 24V found in newer systems.

How to Tell the Difference:

  • Line voltage thermostats have much thicker wires.
  • Low voltage thermostats have multiple wires.

Benefits of Line Voltage Thermostats:

  • Standard for most appliances making these a cost effective solution
  • Transformer isn’t necessary
  • Simple plug and play solution


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