Troubleshooting a Tempro ThermostatWhen installing or using a thermostat, the most frustrating thing is to see it not functioning properly. In this post, we will discuss easy methods for troubleshooting a Tempro thermostat to produce accuracy in solving your thermostat need.

In order to ensure your thermostat functions properly, the first step is making sure the unit is wired correctly. Check out this wiring diagram for help.

By checking the units’ wiring, you will more than likely resolve any issue you are having with the thermostat. Ensuring the power is connected to the red terminal, and your wire’s connected to the blue terminal for heating OR the yellow terminal for cooling, you can test your thermostat by switching the unit’s temperature up and down:
Tempro Line Voltage Thermostat• Turn dial to 110°F. (heating mode) device should come on, (cooling mode) device should be off.
• Turn dial to 30° F. (heating mode) device should cut off, (cooling mode) device should come on.

Additionally, ensure your thermostat is in installed in a place that will not inaccurately read the air temperature. Make sure it’s not near a heat exchange, in the direct sun for long periods of time, or near a cold source.

If you need more assistance, check out the thermostat’s manual here.

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