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Thermostat Guards Save on Energy Consumption

Wall thermostats are commonly found in public spaces, which unfortunately allows curious hands to tamper. Installing thermostat guards over your wall thermostat will prevent curious hands from changing settings, therefore saving energy! Commonly found in commercial and residential buildings, business owners and landlords have found the protective thermostat guard to save a dime or two in their pocket book!

Tempro Thermostat GuardsThermostat Guards

Manufactured with the highest quality materials and production standards to ensure rugged dependability and attractive appearance. Available in a variety of materials for different industrial, office, and hospitality environments.

Available in three different materials and three different sizes to fit most common thermostats and environments. Our guards come with a locking feature and are tamper resistant so only authorized personnel may adjust the thermostat.

For more information about our thermostat guard, click here!

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