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Line Voltage Thermostat Controls Industrial Refrigerators

Industrial Refrigeration Temperature Control

What is industrial refrigeration? “In essence, industrial refrigeration systems are machines that use the refrigeration process to remove heat from a given item. Some of the settings where this machinery is most common include brewing and food processing. There are also high uses of these in the manufacturing world as […]

Hog Farm Thermostat

Hog Farm Temperature Control

Having a reliable hog farm temperature control  is crucial to a healthy animals. The last thing those farms need on their plate is a temperature control issue. Here’s the definition of a hog farm: “Pig farming or hog farming is the raising and breeding of domestic pigs as livestock, and is […]

What is NEMA

Determine Which NEMA Rating Your Line Voltage Thermostat Should Have

In order to determine which NEMA rating your line voltage thermostat should have and where you can mount it, you must first understand its’ NEMA rating, and the differences between ratings.  In this post, we will explain the differences between these ratings. By following our steps, you can ensure you […]

Electronic Temperature Controller in HVAC

Electronic Temperature Controller in your HVAC Equipment

An HVAC Electronic Temperature Controller (ETC) can help eliminate the frustration of using a mechanical thermostat. The ETC has many great features including a user changeable display.  Also, it has a LED power indicator lamp and remote functions. Our ETC is the most user-friendly way to sense and control your […]

Temperature Differential

Temperature Differential of Line Voltage Thermostats

As you are choosing the best product for your application, you will notice that we talk a lot about temperature differential of a line voltage thermostat, or hysteresis. So, what is it? A Line Voltage Thermostat Differential is when a switch changes states from Open to Closed. The difference between […]

Piggyback Plug in thermostat controller power cord

Piggyback Plugin Thermostat Controller Explained

Several of our single stage thermostat controllers are available with what we like to call a piggyback plug. It’s similar to a piggyback ride, but they are not the same. 😉 A piggyback plug is a 6 foot grounded plug-in power cord. Purchasing a piggyback plugin thermostat controller makes installation […]

Line Voltage Thermostats

Low Voltage vs. Line Voltage Thermostat

Both low voltage thermostats and line voltage thermostats are used for controlling heating/cooling systems. Although line voltage thermostats are commonly used for radiant, convection or resistance heaters that are powered by electricity whereas low voltage thermostats are commonly used with central heating systems.  A line voltage thermostat uses direct current, […]

Line Voltage Thermostats Control Heat Source

Line Voltage Thermostats Control Heating Equipment

Our HVAC Line voltage thermostat products are commonly found in industrial, agricultural and commercial settings to monitor air temperature. The thermostats are either hard wired directly, or use a piggyback plug, to a heat source.  When air temperature falls within an environment the line voltage thermostat coil senses the temperature […]