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Piggyback Plugin Thermostat Controller Explained

Piggyback Power Cord ThermostatSeveral of our single stage thermostat controllers are available with what we like to call a piggyback plug. It’s similar to a piggyback ride, but they are not the same. 😉 A piggyback plug is a 6 foot grounded plug-in power cord. Purchasing a piggyback plugin thermostat controller makes installation easier! Simply plug the thermostat plug into a standard 110/120 volt outlet. Then plug any 110/120 volt appliance, such as a heater or fan, into the female outlet on the plug of the thermostat. See how they are similar, but not the same?

Please note these units are shipped wired for heat. If you wish to use the unit for cooling, simply open the thermostat enclosure and adjust the wires.

For more information on how to do so, view our instruction manual here!

Piggyback Plugin Thermostat Controller

Our line voltage thermostats use a liquid-filled sensing element and capillary. There is an exposed or concealed set point dial with adjustable differential, and it will switch line voltages.

Tempro offers both a single stage, heating or cooling, temperature control and a two stage. The two stage line voltage thermostat has two single pole, double throw switches that uses a liquid filled sensing element and capillary.

Click here to visit our portable thermostat controllers to learn more.

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