Electronic Temperature Controls for BrewingElectronic temperature controls for brewing maintain precise temperatures in a wine or beer ferment or tank. With its accuracy, the controller keeps the temperature within 1° of the setpoint, unlike mechanical controls that can vary by ±5°.

Enhanced Temperature Monitoring and Control

The electronic temperature controller monitors the temperature and controls a solenoid valve, allowing coolant or heated water to enter a snake, plate, or jacket to maintain the ideal temperature. For example, one tank may need to stay at 77°F for fermenting red wine, while another needs to be at 30°F to cold stabilize white wine. The controller opens and closes the built-in electronic solenoid valve to manage the flow of coolant. For more information about the electronic temperature controller, visit the product page.

Superior Fermentation Control

The controller overrides the internal thermostats in a refrigerator or freezer, giving brewers more control over the fermentation process, significantly improving the brewing process.

Versatile Applications for Kegerators and Keezers

An electronic temperature controller monitors the temperature of a kegerator or keezer. When connected to a refrigerator, it turns on the compressor when the ambient temperature rises above the programmed level; when connected to a heater, it activates when the temperature drops too low. A sensor probe monitors the temperature inside, displaying it in Fahrenheit or Celsius. This controller is ideal for lager brewers who include a diacetyl rest in their fermentations or for ales requiring low-end fermentation temperatures.

Tempro Electronic Temperature Controller

Two-Stage Temperature Control for Enhanced Brewing

Using our two-stage electronic temperature controller, you can control both the refrigeration and heating equipment in your brewing process. Relay one manages the refrigeration temperatures, while relay two controls the heating function.

Product Specifications

  • Temperature range: -30° to 250°F, maintaining temperature within 1° of the setpoint.
  • Includes an NTC sensor that can be placed into a thermowell mounted onto a tank.
  • Digital display with an adjustable differential of 1° to 30°F.
  • Suitable for heating and cooling in a fermentation environment.

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