Electronic Temperature ControllerDiscover the ideal solution for maintaining precise temperature control in your agricultural buildings with Tempro’s state-of-the-art electronic temperature controller. As a crucial component for effective temperature regulation, Tempro thermostats stand out for several compelling reasons, making them the preferred choice for those seeking optimal performance.

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One standout feature of Tempro’s electronic temperature controller is its’  temperature range. These thermostats can be seamlessly set within a broad spectrum ranging from -30°F to +220°F. Moreover, they boast an adjustable differential, providing you with the flexibility to fine-tune the thermostat’s functionality according to your specific requirements. This adaptability is paramount in creating and maintaining an environment that caters to the diverse temperature needs of various livestock. Whether you are raising poultry, cattle, or cultivating crops in a greenhouse, Tempro’s thermostats empower you to select the precise temperature that ensures the well-being and comfort of your agricultural assets.

Livestock, with their varying temperature preferences, necessitate a tailored approach to environmental control. Tempro’s electronic thermostats serve as reliable guardians, ensuring that the conditions within your agricultural structures align with the specific needs of your animals. By extension, this versatility extends to horticultural endeavors, allowing you to foster optimal growth conditions for plants and crops in environments such as greenhouses.

In addition to the expansive temperature range, the installation of Tempro’s electronic thermostat brings about energy efficiency, translating into cost savings on electricity. These thermostats are designed to intelligently activate and deactivate the heating or cooling system based on real-time temperature readings. The inherent sensing capabilities empower the thermostat to make informed decisions, ensuring that energy consumption is optimized. With the thermostat’s ability to autonomously regulate itself, concerns about accidentally leaving the system running when it is not required become a thing of the past. This automated functionality not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to sustainability by reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

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Variety of custom options available in both thermostats & guards, such as, temperature ranges, materials, size & private branding.


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