Electronic Temperature Controller

Tempro’s electronic temperature controllers are designed to accurately regulate precise temperature in commercial, industrial & agricultural settings to measure temperature of air & liquids.


Variety of custom options available, such as, temperature ranges, sensing element lengths & private branding.


We take pride in quality control & reliable operation of our components. Every switch is individually tested before it leaves the factory.


Tempro Products meet NEMA, UL, cUL, & N.E.C. 457 Ag-Ratings.


Products are designed & shipped from our facilities in Eau Claire, WI to clients across the globe.

The electronic temperature controllers are designed to accurately regulate precise temperature in commercial, industrial & agricultural settings to measure temperature of air & liquids.

With a temperature tolerance of ±1°F, electronic temperature controllers are more accurate compared to mechanical thermostats when it comes to measure temperature of air & liquids.

These controllers can measure temperature from -30° to 500°F making it a great solution for heating & cooling applications of a wide variety.

It has a NEMA 4X waterproof enclosure for harsh environments including Ag-Corrosive environments.

The thermostat has a 8′ waterproof temperature sensor which allows you to control temperatures remotely, and it retains settings in memory in case of power failure. Temperature is shown on the digital display when thermostat is on, and can be easily adjusted.

Other custom options such as custom sensor lengths, cycle timer, defrost function & piggyback plug.


  • Accurate Temperature Regulation that replaces most mechanical & electronic temperature controls.
  • Units Available for Heating & Cooling Applications
  • Built in memory retains settings in power outage
  • Single & Two Stage
  • Two stage control has two relays to control both heating & cooling at the same time, or two heating or cooling stages.
  • Easy to read LED display shows current output status and the temperature measurement.
  • LED Power Indicator Lamp
  • User changeable Display from Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Multiple conduit knockouts to give flexibility to the installer.
  • NEMA 4X Rated Polymeric Housing for outdoor settings

Product Specifications

  • Voltage: 120VAC to 277VAC
  • Amperage: Single Stage 30A Resistive; Two Stage R1 20A, R2 8A Resistive
  • Switch Action: SPDT or SPDT/SPDT (Two Stage)
  • Adjustable Temperature Range -30°F to 550°F
  • Adjustable Differential of 1° to 30°F
  • Ambient temperature range -20° to 140°F
  • 8-foot NTC Sensor
  • Replacement sensors available for purchase.
  • UL, cUL Listed

Cross Reference

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DSD Series


TSW Series


ETC Series


A421 Series



Heat & Cool
Single & Two Stage
Adjustable Temperature -30° to 300°F
Adjustable Differential 1° to 30°F
16A @ 120VAC
8ft NTC Sensor
NEMA 4X Rated

Common Applications

This temperature controller can be utilized for both heating and cooling ventilation. There is a wide variety of environments this thermostat works with, such as agricultural, industrial, indoor/outdoor, and commercial.




Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered. For additional support, please contact us.

How to adjust the desired temperature setpoint?

The unit is default set to 68°F. When the thermostat is on, press the up or down arrows which will change the setpoint by 0.5°F.

How do I change from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

The device is programmed to Fahrenheit. To switch to Celsius, hold the power and up arrow buttons to change.

How do I adjust the differential setting?

The thermostat defaults to 1°F. With the power off, press and hold the up arrow for 3 seconds, the differential setting with then be displayed. Adjust using the arrow buttons which will adjust the variable by 1°F increments. Settings are saved after 3 seconds.

Customer is sensing fluid inside a tank.

The NTC sensor should be inserted inside a thermowell. Senasys has thermowell options available. Contact us for more information.

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