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Temperature Differential of Line Voltage Thermostats

As you are choosing the best product for your application, you will notice that we talk a lot about temperature differential, or hysteresis, with our line voltage thermostats. So, what is it? When a switch changes states from Open to Closed. The difference between those two points is the differential, or hysteresis. Here’s an example…

A line voltage thermostat kicks your fan on once air temperature rises to 70°F (contacts close), and once the air temperature falls to 65°F the fan turns off (contacts open). Given this example, the differential of the line voltage thermostat is 5°F.

Line Voltage Thermostats Differential

Our line voltage thermostats are available with a fixed or adjustable temperature differential. Our fixed differential thermostats have a hysteresis of 2°, and if the application requires a wider range we offer an adjustable model up to 12°F.

Additionally, our electronic temperature controller offers an adjustable differential up to 30°F.

For more information about differential and/or our thermostat products, click here or contact us at 715-831-6353.

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