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TP526 Freeze Protection Thermostat


Features and Benefits

• Automatically turns controlled devices on and off at preset temperatures.
• Size is compact at 3 1/4“ x 1 ¾” x 1”
• 15 AMP Rating, 1800 watts @ 120V AC (combined load for both receptacles)
• 2 Receptacles to control devices
• 1 male grounded plug to install into a standard 120V electrical outlet
• Pilot Light Illuminates when receptacles are energized
• UL and CSA compliant

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This Freeze Protection Thermostat (TemproSTAT) is ideal for controlling heating devices to avoid frozen pipes and
other low temperature issues.

• Engine Block Heaters
• Heat Tape used to prevent water lines from freezing
• Heat cable used to prevent freezing
• Tank De-Icers
• Heat Lamps

The TemproSTAT can be used to control one heating device and a light to illuminate when
the temperature drops to near freezing to warn of a potential freeze condition.

Tempro Model TP526: turns on at approximately 39F, turns off when the temperature rises
Additional Heating and Cooling Temperature Models Available.

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