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Temperature Differential

Temperature Differential of Line Voltage Thermostats

As you are choosing the best product for your application, you will notice that we talk a lot about temperature differential, or hysteresis, with our line voltage thermostats. So, what is it? When a switch changes states from Open to Closed. The difference between those two points is the differential, […]

Large Tamper Resistant Thermostat Guard

Thermostat Guards Save on Energy Consumption

Wall thermostats are commonly found in public spaces, which unfortunately allows curious hands to tamper. Installing thermostat guards over your wall thermostat will prevent curious hands from changing settings, therefore saving energy! Commonly found in commercial and residential buildings, business owners and landlords have found the protective thermostat guard to […]


Wiring a Line Voltage Tstat

The Tempro line voltage tstat is designed for reliable use in heating, ventilating and refrigeration applications. The thermostat has three contact points. Most of our thermostats are wired for heating, unless specified otherwise. When you open the thermostat you should see a white wire that is at blue dot and […]

Piggyback Plug in thermostat controller power cord

Piggyback Plug In Thermostat Controller Explained

Several of our single stage thermostat controllers are available with what we like to call a piggyback plug. It’s similar to a piggyback ride, but they are not the same. šŸ˜‰ A piggyback plug is a 6 foot grounded plug-in power cord. Purchasing a piggyback plug in thermostat controller makes […]

Thermostats Automate Greenhouses

Manual Thermostat Controllers Automate Greenhouse Systems

Automate your greenhouse heating and cooling systems with our quality manual thermostat controllers including wired and plug-in thermostats. During the cold winter months it can be a struggle to maintain temperatures inĀ  your greenhouse or growing structure.Ā  Using our durable manual thermostat controllers, installation and execution to regulate warmth is […]

Line Voltage Thermostats

Low Voltage vs. Line Voltage Thermostat

Both low voltage and line voltage thermostat are used for controlling heating/cooling systems. Although line voltage thermostats are commonly used for radiant, convection or resistance heaters that are powered by electricity whereas low voltage thermostats are commonly used with central heating systems.Ā  A line voltage thermostat uses direct current, 120 […]

Line Voltage Thermostats Control Heat Source

Line Voltage Thermostats Control Heating Equipment

Line voltage thermostats are commonly found in industrial, agricultural and commercial settings to monitor air temperature. The thermostats are either hard wired directly, or use a piggyback plug, to a heat source.Ā  When air temperature falls within an environment the line voltage thermostat coil senses the temperature change triggers the […]

Thermostat Protector Cross Reference

As an easy guide for you we have created this simple cross reference guide to help you find the thermostat protector you need. If you have one of the part numbers listed below, simply match it to our part number. Give us a callĀ for for more information or visitĀ our online […]

Thermostat Guards

Tempro thermostat guards are designed to protect your thermostat from tampering hands. Available in a variety of materials for different industrial, office and hospitality environments. Guard your bottom line.

BiMetal Line Voltage Thermostats

Tempro thermostats are designed to accurately regulate precise temperature in commercial, industrial and agricultural settings.